Block & Facility Management Services

Paula Barrett Properties is a regulated specialist property service provider that has extensive experience in Property and Asset Management. We provide a full range of Block & Facility Management Services in Dublin.

The need for landlords, landowners and property investors to generate maximum returns from their assets is increasingly important and property management advice is invaluable for doing this.

Paula Barrett Properties specialise in managing residential housing in three areas: conventional apartments, mixed-income housing and apartment complexes, including new construction and rehabilitated communities in urban and suburban locations.

We offer a professional package to new build and existing Owners’ Management Companies who wish to be certain that the development is managed in a way that ensures the capital values of residences and investments are in check, and that the development is a peaceful and beautiful place.

Paula Barrett Properties also offers consultancy services, whether it is as a third party consultancy report on tenders or as a guide to existing agents.